Meet Your New


A robotics based smart vehicle that anyone can learn to ride in seconds, no balancing skills required.

Wingman the Smartboard

Designed by a Tesla Engineer, Wingman uses robotic steering to make riding EASY. No balance is required, your wingman is here to augment your life without risking your reputation.

"This may be the best electric vehicle on the road" - Mashable

"A safe alternative to hoverboards" - TREND HUNTER

"Quite a brilliant transportation gadget" - MikeShouts

Control That’s Familiar to You

Just use your thumb to drive the Wingman. Simple and familiar, so if you can text, you can ride a Wingman.

Speed limit can be quickly adjusted through the remote. Slower speed for crowded areas or for beginners and faster speeds for open roads. Moving through the city have never been easier.

It's Not a Skateboard

Wingman doesn't tilt during turns and doesn't require any skateboarding skill to ride.

Skateboard Turn

Wingman Turn

15mph top speed, double the average cycling speed

Start Getting to Places Faster

Turn Everyday Trips into Convenient Adventures

When you reach your destination, Wingman folds up to fit in a backpack, or carry it by its integrated handle.

Carbon Fiber & Aero-Grade Aluminum

At 13 pounds, Wingman weighs the same as the average laptop bag.

Beyond Stability

Wingman’s unique control system allows attachments to be added so you can do more, way more.


Plug and Play Robotics

External hardware can also control the Wingman directly through its front port. Adding a visual tracker, for example, would allow Wingman to auto-follow you around, carrying your stuff without complaint. How’s that for a Wingman?

Transportation Has Never Been This Easy

No more parking, no more traffic, no need to chain it up. The Wingman is made to augment your life by bringing you a riding experience that’s easy for anyone, and a design that makes it convenient for you.